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    Even though current implementations of GPS and mapping techniques are prevalent, the precision and safety requirements of autonomous driving systems make it necessary to implement vehicle solutions that will achieve much higher accuracy and reliability. In this course, we will investigate the techniques being developed to solve the autonomous vehicle localization challenge. We will learn some of the more common methodologies that are solving this challenge by employing a combination of devices and algorithm techniques. We will explore Satellite and Inertial Navigation systems, Map-Aided Localization systems, and SLAM. This course will provide skills in the cutting edge technology of automated vehicle localization.


    Today, bowhunting ranks higher in participation than almost any other form of hunting, after whitetail gun hunting! Our course is compiled with the very best tips and strategies, that give insights on critical gear, shooting advice, bowhunting techniques, and tons of helpful hints for in-the-field archery success. Our Better Bow Hunting course takes a straightforward approach and highlights everything you can do to get more out of your archery products. We include real-life situations and also give tips as to what gear can help you archery experience.


    Explore the necessary skills for entry-level employment as an intelligent transportation systems field technician. You'll learn about the technologies to build, maintain and repair ITS infrastructure. You'll also receive training in dedicated range communication safety messages, and gain a broad understanding of ITS and automotive communication networks. We will introduce you to infrastructure components such as roadside data collection and transmission units, dynamic road signs, and traffic operation centers. Connected and autonomous vehicles will be outlined with the safety applications they afford.